Health ‘n Wellness Alumni Membership
($100 for the 1st month, $35/month after)… *Minimum 6 Month Membership

This program is set up for individuals who have successfully completed the 1:1 Personal Health Coach program, and are ready to live their healthy lifestyle on their own.

So what is included in your alumni coaching program?? EVERYTHING included in the 1:1 Personal Health Coach program, except this time, YOU will be planning your weekly meals. You will receive the same benefits and support you did while going through the one on one personal health coach program, to insure you will be 100% successful!

The Alumni Membership is for 6 months after completion with your one on one program. Before you start, we will meet for 2 hours where I will walk you through everything you will need to know in order to plan your own meals according to your macros.

Monthly appointments will comprise of:

Green_arrowDiscuss current eating habits

Green_arrowSet your personal goals

Green_arrowRe-evaluate personalized program based on your progress

Green_arrowAddress any challenges, or questions you may have during your journey