Imagine each day..

Waking up refreshed,

making healthier food choices,

with decreased stress, and

have clear thinking, energy and vitality.

Let’s Make it Happen!

Personal Health Coach

Included in your one on one personal health coaching programs:

Green_arrowDaily follow along personalized meal plans telling you want to eat and when so you save time and don’t stress over what to eat.

Green_arrowRecipes that will leave your skin glowing and your tummy flat.

Green_arrowEasy to read and organized grocery shopping list so that you don’t have to spend extra time at the grocery store.

Green_arrowDaily emails, calls and texts from me so even when you fall off the horse you’ll know how to quickly jump right back on.

Green_arrow100% of my personal commitment to your health and success.

Green_arrowPrivate Facebook support group to connect with your fellow members, share recipes and tips, and give virtual high fives as the pounds come off.

Green_arrowWhen you lose, they win! That’s right!! For every pound you lose, Health ‘N Happiness will donate $1 to Action for Healthy Kids. Reaching your goal will help us make schools a healthier place, so kids can live healthier lives.

Healthy Cooked Meals Balanced to Your Personalized Macros

Healthy delicious freshly prepared food + perfectly balanced macro-nutrient ratio… together at last!! Your macro-nutrient ratio can vary depending on individual needs, body composition, goals, metabolic efficiency and fitness regimen. With this add-on service there is no more guessing if your portion size of the meal you prepared is correct, no more weighing your food for the right amount of grams needed to achieve your goal, and no more countless hours spent in the grocery store and kitchen! All ingredients of each meal is scaled to meet the macros of your personalized nutrition plan.


We believe healthy food CAN taste good.  We achieve this by using only the finest ingredients – local, sustainable, and with absolutely no additives, fillers, preservatives or MSG.  What you see is what you get… and taste!


You can pickup your food locally at CrossFit Persist in Morganville, NJ on Sundays, Wednesdays, or both!  We make your food right before each pickup, so you get the freshest, tastiest possible meals.  All meals are already freshly cooked and conveniently packaged in microwave-safe containers, all you need to do is heat and eat.

Health ‘n Wellness Alumni Membership

This program is set up for individuals who have successfully completed the 1:1 Personal Health Coach program, and are ready to live their healthy lifestyle on their own.

So what is included in your alumni coaching program?? EVERYTHING included in the 1:1 Personal Health Coach program, except this time, YOU will be planning your weekly meals. You will receive the same benefits and support you did while going through the one on one personal health coach program, to insure you will be 100% successful!

The Alumni Membership is for 6 months after completion with your one on one program. Before you start, we will meet for 2 hours where I will walk you through everything you will need to know in order to plan your own meals according to your macros.

Monthly appointments will comprise of:

Green_arrowDiscuss current eating habits

Green_arrowSet your personal goals

Green_arrowRe-evaluate personalized program based on your progress

Green_arrowAddress any challenges, or questions you may have during your journey

28-Day Total Transformation Challenge

starts Monday, August 7th

By following this plan, you will boost your metabolism, eliminate sugar cravings, & rid your body of unwanted fat!

The benefits of this eating strategy stretch far beyond fat loss.

You’ll be eating a LOT of delicious recipes that are loaded with energy-boosting, nutritious, and healing properties.

Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the other benefits:

  • Naturally balance blood sugar and helps eliminate cravings
  • Supports hormone production and rebalancing
  • Improves brain health and help protect against dementia and other disorders
  • Improves memory and clear brain fog
  • Improves digestion
  • Increases energy levels
  • Improves fertility
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Decreases anxiety and mood swings
Personal Training
($650 for 10 – 1 Hour Sessions) to be held at Crossfit Persist, Morganville NJ.

Exercise is hard enough. Get the most out of your workouts by teaming up with me. Personal support is a vital component of a fitness based life-style change.

During our workout sessions, you can expect to improve your movement & flexibility, strengthen & tone your muscles and reboot your metabolism into serious fat burning mode!

Haven’t exercised in years? Don’t worry, this program is personalized and catered to your needs and fitness levels. We work together on building a stronger and healthier you!