Personal Health Coach

Included in your one on one personal health coaching programs:

Green_arrowDaily follow along personalized meal plans telling you want to eat and when so you save time and don’t stress over what to eat.

Green_arrowRecipes that will leave your skin glowing and your tummy flat.

Green_arrowEasy to read and organized grocery shopping list so that you don’t have to spend extra time at the grocery store.

Green_arrowDaily emails, calls and texts from me so even when you fall off the horse you’ll know how to quickly jump right back on.

Green_arrow100% of my personal commitment to your health and success.

Green_arrowPrivate Facebook support group to connect with your fellow members, share recipes and tips, and give virtual high fives as the pounds come off.

Green_arrowWhen you lose, they win! That’s right!! For every pound you lose, Health ‘N Happiness will donate $1 to Action for Healthy Kids. Reaching your goal will help us make schools a healthier place, so kids can live healthier lives.