Our Client Testimonials

How do I know it works? It has for me, and for countless others from every walk of life. Want unbiased Testimonials? Read and watch our rave reviews!

“For the first time in a long time I don’t feel alone, I feel like I have someone who is there to help me over the challenges no matter what they may be. It is very hard for me to ask for help, I try to avoid it as much as I possibly can. You are the help that I have never regretted asking for, that I have not felt ashmed of asking for. Yes you are changing my life in the big and obvious way of eating right and exercising, I am losing weight and gaining a life. But it is more than just loss and gain, it is the whole journey and on this journey I feel as though I am finally finding myself for the first time. I am finally coming out of my shell enough to say hi to a few people, I am gaining enough confidence to tackle other things in my life that seemed impossible to handle before. I hope one day I will be able to express my gratitude in a way that feels like enough for all the wonderful things you are showing me and helping me to accomplish. Thank you for being my guide on this journey.” Allison K., New Jersey

“I really enjoyed my meal plans! Lots of variety & not boring at all. Liz was able to work around my 22 food sensitivites which was really great. She was quick to respond when I had questions & frequently checked in with me to see how I was doing. My goal for the program was to not gain weight during Christmas time this year & during the program I actually lost some! The app & Facebook group were nice additions to the program as well. Thanks Liz!” Ashley L., North Carolina 

“Thank you for the eating plan you provided. In 4 weeks I lost almost 7 pounds and my composition changed. The recipes were wonderful and the grocery list helped take some of the stress out of it all. I appreicate the support you gave me thru the program. I will recommend your program to anyone!” – Kim C., Texas.

Thank you Liz for everything. Before I started your program I was fed up with myself, 7 years later and still carrying that baby weight. I have tried every diet and I thought I was making healthy choices but wasn’t getting any results. Since starting your program the number on the scale has gone down and my weights at Crossfit have gone up. I now have knowlege of what is healthy and what is not. My headaches and stomach-aches went away and I feel great! You have been there for me and motivated me through the rough days, I am so grateful to have met you. Looking forward to seeing my body continue to change as I move forward on this journey.” – Jessica C., New Jersey

“I started Liz’s program on December 1, 2014 which much trepidation due to all the upcoming holiday parties. Liz was very encouraging that I could do it, more than I was knowing my own struggle is self-control. Well I followed the plan to the letter, I went to parties and made good choices. I lost 7lbs in the month of December, I never imagined that I could do that. Liz was attentive and available, I dont know how she does it. I love eating this way, I love the recipes; but there is work involved in setting up your environment to be successful with this eating lifestyle. On my own now, I will continue to learn and bug Liz occasionally. I definitely recomment the program, it’s amazing how markedly different you feel eliminating certain foods from your diet. Thanks Liz and thanks to my friend Neela who introduced us.” – Dawn S., New Jersey

“Liz, I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! Deciding to do the 4 week program was the best decision for me. Prior to the plan everyone would think I was completely fit, but actually quite the opposite. I have a thyroid condition that makes me feel so tired and my joints ache. After 1-2 weeks of eating healthy I started noticing a difference, after 3 I was a whole new person. I am so thankful for you for not only showing and teaching me how to eat healthy but also for being a great supporter. Thank you so much again!!!” – Lauren C., New Jersey

“I’ve battled weight issues all my life. I was the heavier kid in school, and I’ve always struggled with making good nutrition decisions. I’ve also always been active, and even started weight training back as a teen, but just never saw results over the years. Liz and her program is the first time I’ve feel like I have a grasp of what I finally need to do. It was the best decision I could have made for myself.  Between her knowledge on nutrition, attention to detail, endless moral support and her variety of flavorful recipes, Liz has helped me achieve and maintain weight loss results in my 2 month period in her program then I have in any other attempt I have over the years. Liz has given me the support and knowledge to make more strides in my nutrition, the foundation to maintain my weight loss and a friend for life.” – Michael C., New Jersey

“I can’t say enough great things about Liz and her program! I was eating “pretty much” clean for the last year or so but I wasn’t seeing the ultimate results I wanted. I got frustrated which caused me to stray even more. Joining Liz’s 4 week plan was one of the best decisions I made. With Health n Happiness you get a trio of amazingness. Liz’s knowledge on nutrition and weight loss, her yummy and creative recipes and her undivided 24/7 attention just like you are her only client. Thank-you Liz! I have learned so much with you. I honestly don’t crave the foods I have completely eliminated.” – Neela A., New Jersey

“Liz is the most supportive and positive person.  She motivates you to be healthy inside and out, physically and mentally.  Her meal plans are easy to follow and the recipes are delicious.  She has taught me how to balance my meals and given me the strength to maintain it on my own.  She is a lifesaver!”   – Beth O., Pennsylvania